Cr Rob Chandler

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Cr Rob Chandler

Robert Macpherson Chandler has lived and worked in the Barcaldine area and in the wider Central West of Queensland all his life. Married to Deb Chandler, she and Rob have 3 children. Phoebe, Emily and Mac.

Rob has experience through his life in primary production owning and running an 80,000-acre sheep and cattle enterprise. He has vast experience in public administration through sixteen years in Local Government, and is a very successful small business owner and operator through his various motel and tourism related ventures.

Rob has seen the ups and downs of rural industries. After leaving school in 1971 Rob went shearing during the downturn in rural areas, had a timber cutting business and harvested kangaroos to keep the farm afloat.

As a:

  • board member of The Outback Queensland Tourism Authority for 16 years,
  • former board member of Fitzroy Central West Regional Development Australia,
  • Chair of the Remote Area Planning and Development Board, an ASIC listed entity, and the regions regional organisation of councils and regional development agency,
  • Chair of RAPAD Employment Services Queensland, an unincorporated joint venture,
  • board member of Rural Financial counselling Service North Qld and formally RFCSQ-CSR for 9 years,
  • board member of Red Ridge, a philanthropic arts company, and past president of many local clubs gives Rob and wide and varied experience.

Employment and or business interests. Current and past.

  • 1971 to 1982: Shearer, timber cutter
  • 1983 to 2000: Owner manager. North Delta pastoral,
  • 1997 to 2012: Owner manager, Ironbark Inn Motel,
  • 2000 to 2016: Local Government Councillor and Mayor.

Related short courses

  • Statutory training required to Chair the Local Disaster Management Group and member of the District Group,
  • Negotiation skills training through Clayton Utz training.
  • Governance training through Langdale Consulting

Elected positions / Government held positions. Current and past

  • Shire councillor. Barcaldine Shire Council - 2000 to 2004
  • Mayor Barcaldine Shire Council - 2004 to 2008
  • Mayor Barcaldine Regional Council from 2008 to present; re -elected in 2016
  • Board member Outback Tourism Association
  • Board member of Red Ridge
  • Board member of RESQ
  • Board member of RFCSNQ
  • Community Policing Board
  • Former board member of Fitzroy and Central West Regional Development Australia.