Rodney Valentine

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Rodney Valentine


0429 158 801

PO Box 592


Rodney’s background is in finance and business analysis, with experience in a variety of industries. He has lived, worked and travelled around Queensland extensively for 13 years. His careers have encompassed financial roles with disability clients, to secretarial, vice-president and treasurer positions at his football club, to professional football umpiring, to tertiary teaching, to accounting and finance roles in both small and large corporations. 

His life experiences include owning and running a small business, ongoing education, sporting pursuits and embracing the outback way of life and its people.

Rodney enjoys volunteering on sporting club committees, contributing to community events, being involved in health & fitness groups and creating awareness for a balanced lifestyle. He holds a strong desire to help people achieve their goals.

Regional information

Operators will benefit from contacting Rodney to help identify ways to become self-reliant in business and to better manage change and adjustment.

Our RFC Rodney Valentine can work with you to develop options and support you during the decisions making process. Rodney services the Central and North West region in conjunction with his fellow Longreach-based RFC, Rachel Bock and his other RFC colleagues. No part of North Queensland goes without a dedicated RFC to travel to and meet with clients.

Client's information is treated in the strictest confidence and services are free and independent of financial institutions, welfare agencies and government.

RFCS can be a very useful tool to aid in all sorts of activities such as:

  • Preparing budgets
  • Identifying areas of risk in your business
  • Preparing for a visit to a succession planner, or
  • Completing action plans to receive grants or income assistance
  • Help identify any advice and training needs you may require

RFCs are trained to give you a high standard of financial information, and will aim to meet any reasonable request for an appointment at a time and place of your choosing.