Bruce Scott OAM

Bruce Leslie Scott was born in Quilpie in South West Queensland and attended his primary and secondary schooling in Charleville.
Bruce Scott OAM



Bruce Leslie Scott was born in Quilpie in South West Queensland and attended his primary and secondary schooling in Charleville.

Bruce has extensive governance, leadership, community consultation and community development skills along with demonstrated experience in small business, primary production and public administration.

Bruce now resides in Charelville with his wife Maureen, having recently sold their property, Moothandella, in Queensland’s Channel Country district.

Bruce’s community service includes over 20 years as a local government councillor, 16 years as mayor between 2000 and 2020, not contesting the 2020 elections. Bruce has served on numerous boards as well as local, state and federal government committees and community committees. Bruce served as a director of the Central West Hospital and Health Service from 2012 to 2016 and he was until 2016, the Chair of Desert Channels Queensland, the regions peak natural resource management group for the Lake Eyre Basin, and he sits on the Boards Regional Natural Resource Management Groups Collective.

Bruce has been self-employed and an employer for 30 + years in his own businesses. He has extensive experience living and working with very remote communities and understands their unique social needs. He has had experience in probity and governance, financial monitoring and budgeting in cash and accrual standards as well as asset management and capital depreciation. Bruce also brings to the organization extensive experience in ICT consultation, communications infrastructure planning, network development and telecommunications services rollout to regional and remote areas.

Bruce’s community and local government service included representing his local government area as well as a broader regional local government area, which spans 400,000km² or one quarter the area of Queensland. This representation gave Bruce extensive experience in community consultation, infrastructure planning and responsible fiscal management. Bruce has represented these areas at delegations to the Queensland and Australian governments, government owned corporations and major privately-owned corporations.

Bruce’s involvement with the Central West Hospital and Health Service gave him a great insight into how good local knowledge, involving the workforce and community in the health planning and delivery process and collective discussion, relays to better decision-making and a better outcome for the health and wellbeing of the central west region.

Bruce has undertaken professional development through the Australian Institute of Company Directors, UHY Haines Norton Chartered Accountants and others in probity, board governance, risk management, financial management and the management of conflicts-of-interest.

‘I believe that regional and remote Queensland has much to offer, and is a major contributor to the economy of Queensland and Australia and it should be recognised for this contribution. It is also a great place to live, invest and raise a family. It is my strong opinion that regional consultation, co-operation and collaboration is the only way in which we can reach and achieve the many goals and outcomes needed to build and maintain sustainable and vibrant communities’.

Bruce has a keen interest in social equity and equal opportunity, the environment and responsible land use practices, telecommunications infrastructure and policy, regional electricity policy, renewable energy and zero emission technologies as well as the sustainable and practical development of regional and remote areas.

‘I also believe that to achieve the above, we also need to have a strong focus on the importance of a rich school experience, opportunities for further education, a mix of trades skills and practical experience, and exposure to culture and the arts.

This diversity will deliver the required basis of professional knowledge, relevant trade skills set and a rich social insight to competently operate small and medium business or agricultural enterprises, grow and attract professionals for population growth and needs and ensure we build social capital within our communities. These skills will enable us to survive and deal with change and at the same time protect our unique bio-diversity, our rich natural and social history, and the strong but caring culture of the Queensland and Australian people. Most of all I believe we must always seek advice, always listen to what is being said, always treat people with respect and always care greatly for each other’.

Bruce Leslie Scott

  • Born Quilpie 11 April 1963,
  • Primary School, St Mary’s Catholic School, Charleville,
  • Secondary School, Charleville State High School,
  • Worked as a Panel Beater Spray Painter for 10 years including own business for 3years,
  • Owner operator of a sand and gravel transport,
  • Married to Maureen 24 September 1988 and together they have two children,
  • Owned and operated “Moothandella” as a cattle station in the Queensland Channel Country district for 32 years.

Current or recent past positions held:

  • Serving as Councillor of Barcoo Shire from 1994 to 2012,
  • Elected as Mayor of Barcoo Shire in March 2000, retired in April 2012 and re-elected 2016 to 2020,
  • Board of Directors, Remote Area Planning and Development Board (RAPAD) 2000 to 2012 and 2016 to 2020,
  • Committee member of Cooper’s Creek Catchment Committee,
  • Director / Board member of Desert Channels Queensland,
  • Member of Queensland State Government SWER (Single Wire Earth Return) Reference Group,
  • Appointed Ambassador for Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries,
  • Member of Queensland State Government Geothermal Energy Working Group,
  • Co-chair of the Central West Regional Planning and Advisory Committee (CWRPAC),
  • Member of the Australian Government 2007 to 2011 Regional Telecommunications Independent Review Committee (RTIRC),
  • Chair of the Outback Regional Roads Group,
  • Numerous local committees,
  • Director, Central West Hospital and Health Service Board – commenced role August 2012 - May 2016,
  • Chairman, Desert Channels Queensland – commenced role 1 July 2013 - May 2016,
  • Director, Regional NRM Groups Collective Board – commenced role 1 July 2013 - May 2016,
  • Member of the FRRR (Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal) committee evaluating projects seeking funding under their TTTT (Tracking Tough Times Together) Program
  • Committee Member of the Night Parrot Recovery Team,
  • Rural Financial Counselling Service North Qld Project Management Committee – 2016 to present.