How can RFCSNQ help you?

RFCSNQ provides a confidential, free and impartial rural financial counselling service to primary producers, fishers and small rural businesses experiencing financial difficulties. 

Rural Financial Counsellors assist and support a client to:

  • understand the financial position and viability of the business enterprise,
  • identify options to improve their financial position,
  • develop a plan to implement the options chosen by the client and provide advice to implement that plan,
  • assist in negotiations with lending institutions in relation to:
    • loan applications and contracts with those institutions,  
    • processes relating to farm debt mediation,

Rural Financial Counsellors also:

  • provide information on, refer clients to, and assist clients access programs provided by government or industry,
  • assist clients identify the need for advice from, and to prepare for meetings with, professional service providers,
  • provide information to assist clients make decisions relating to their business enterprises,
  • provide advice on generic financial products in accordance with ASIC requirements.

What an RFCs doesn’t do

  • Provide advice on estate or succession planning
  • complete the sections of succession plans where legal, financial, accounting or taxation advice is required
  • provide financial advice, or advice/assistance on financial, accounting, taxation or legal aspects of a client’s enterprise
  • provide debt agreement administration under the Bankruptcy Act 1966 (Cwlth)
  • provide family, social or emotional counselling
  • recommend particular or best options or influence clients’ decisions on using particular financial products
  • provide technical or agronomic advice for clients’ enterprises.

The client makes the decisions: it is up to the client to choose which option is right for them. The RFC will help clients develop some options and will provide support with their decision-making using an action planning approach.