Accessing Government Assistance

Natalie describes how we can help you apply for government assistance.

How RFCs assist in applying for government assistance, various other organisations you can link them with and remember never self assess - don't forget your RFC will have supported others through the process and will know how to shape an application for success.

Several sources of government assistance available to North Queensland primary producers. Your local RFC can help you identify, navigate and access federal and state government assistance and support packages available to you.

If you have been affected by drought, flooding or bushfires, there are grant and loan options available to aid in refinancing, restocking, or repairing infrastructure.

Other low-interest loans can assist you to improve your sustainability, or even start out on your first property.

"If you have been affected by drought, flooding, bushfire or Covid 19, there are grant and loan options available."
Accessing Government Assistance
Natalie Hughes
Agribusiness Financial Counsellor

Alternatively, assistance is also available for those who may need income support or training to see them through to viability.

It’s extremely important that producers don’t make assumptions about their eligibility based upon past experiences or those of others. Your local RFC is experienced in supporting farmers and graziers through the processes and can support you in accessing government assistance to improve your business. Our professional, confidential, and free program for primary producers draws on our extensive network of financiers, accountants, solicitors and industry specialists.

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Accessing Government Assistance

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