How can a wellness coach help your business?

A Business Wellness Coach provides one-on-one, customised emotional coaching support to you personally, assisting you to address stress impacts. This support includes helping you to identify the source of your challenges and strategies to enable you to move forward with your decision-making.

A Business Wellness Coach can support you with personal emotional coaching in collaboration with your Rural or Small Business Financial Counsellor, or independently.

Your Wellness Coach has a background in business, combined with a qualification in social work, psychology, social science, mental health, related field or equivalent experience.

This enables your Wellness Coach to provide honest and realistic support on a person-to-person basis.

Note the support provided by a Business Wellness Coach is not clinical and does not include subscribing medical aids. If it is identified that your needs exceed the support available from a Coach, you shall be referred to an appropriately licensed clinician.

This support is designed to assist rural and small business owners who are experiencing mental health or emotional wellbeing stress. The early warning signs to identify if you may be experiencing stress include:

  • Having trouble concentrating
  • Not meeting deadlines
  • Not working to your usual standards
  • Withdrawing from staff
  • Feeling less engaged than usual
  • Feeling worthless or like a failure
  • Being absent from work
  • Feeling irritable, nervous, angry, anxious or worried
  • Feeling depressed or low in energy
  • Having trouble sleeping
  • Sleeping too much
  • Waking up and having difficulty getting back to sleep
  • Experiencing weight or appetite changes
  • Consuming more alcohol or other substances
  • Withdrawing from friends and family
  • Experiencing panic attacks
  • Having emotional or aggressive outbursts
  • Engaging in destructive behaviour

More support available

Additional mental health and wellbeing resources for businesses support is available. This includes Beyond Blue's New Access program especially designed for small business owners. No medical referral is necessary to access this free and confidential service.

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Support with Covid-19

The Small Business Wellness Package aims to support small businesses’ economic recovery from the impacts of COVID-19. Visit the Queensland Government’s website to find out more about the Small Business Support and Wellness Package.

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Real support when you need it most.

Contact your local Business Wellness Coach. We provide free, one-on-one, customised emotional coaching support to you personally, assisting you to address stress impacts.

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